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How does laser dentistry work?

Laser Dentistry is less invasive, less painful, and results in quicker healing times than traditional techniques. Now you can enjoy your trip to the dentist!

Did you know that, according to a Time Magazine survey, 41% of Americans would rather sit next to someone talking loudly on a cell phone than go to the dentist? So many of us avoid dentistry because of negative experiences with pain. Laser dentistry, which has been in use since its FDA approval in 1990, is a real solution to these fears. Lasers offer a comfortable form of treatment, one that can eliminate the need for drill, scalpel, or sutures. This process is minimally invasive and often can be used without anesthesia. Chances of swelling or infection post-treatment are also lower than those of traditional dental techniques. 

Laser dentistry is a remarkably effective tool for many dental concerns. It is utilized for soft tissue reshaping, biopsy, treatment of tooth decay, and as a part of the teeth-whitening process. If you have a gummy smile, tissue folds from dentures, or excessive soft tissue covering the crowns of your teeth, laser dentistry is an effective and comfortable solution. Many patients experience the need for a filling after tooth decay. Traditionally, a drill was used to prepare the enamel for receipt; now, lasers can efficiently remove the decay. This may eliminate the need for drilling or anesthesia. Perhaps you may be worried about lesions, canker sores, or even the possibility of mouth or gum cancer. Lasers are a high-tech option for gum treatment and biopsy. Finally, if you decide to undergo an in-office teeth-whitening process, lasers can be used to heat the particles and speed up the whitening itself. 

Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of laser dentistry for your dental needs. The benefits of laser dentistry can be such a relief if you have ever felt dread or anxiety about the dentist. You will experience reduced need for anesthesia, sutures, or stitches; less bleeding and quicker regeneration of tissue; and a lower incidence of bacterial infections. Most importantly, you will find the process fast, comfortable, and safe. Your dental health really is too precious to put into jeopardy, and now you don’t have to fear a trip to the dentist. 

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